You are the reason of your successful marriage

You are the reason of your successful marriage

Successful marital life is what every couple dream of. Even though every relationship comes across ups and downs, what makes the ship get going is the perspective with which you look at these problems. Many things play an important role in this, however, all of them revolve around you. Your willingness, your perspective, your thinking and most important is your decisions which will determine the future course of your marital life.

Often it is seen that the outlook of one person affects the other. Every married couple wishes to have their life filled with happiness. However, when one person starts forcing the other person to look into the matters from his point of view, it may lead to the feeling of being dominated and crowded by your partner. These can turn out to be one of the major issues while working on the relationship. Even though you may unknowingly do it, however, once you get habitual of getting what you want, it will not only add up to your ego but also make you persistent and stubborn on having them the way you want it. After all, pride has its fall, which will eventually be the cause of the ego clashes and ending things between you and your partner. So, it is better that you do not get yourself in such unhealthy habits. Listen to what your partner has got to say. Then state down your points with relevant facts in front of them. Understanding is the key to success in such situations. 

 Marriage is the binding of two hearts and change is the necessity of the course. So be ready to change. Based on the observations made, people are reluctant to change and avoid it as much as possible. However, if you wish to make another person happy, you have to make relative changes in your lifestyle. No one is perfect, but what makes them perfect is the way you accept them along with their flaws. The more early you accept some facts, the easier it is to work on them and bring the necessary change. However, no relationship asks only one person to give their best and bring change. Acceptance and compromise is the key to success here.

 To bring your relationship from the downstage to upstage, you must be willing to face every crisis that will be laid in your path. Problems are like storms: scary and dangerous. They may come in the form of your career, job, health or family. Having problems in life doesn't mean you have come to a dead end. Look at it as a new beginning and face them by holding hands together. Remember, problems are used to test you in your relationship. Give your best by being supportive and flexible according to the requirement.


Stress level is quite high these days and your survival in this 'competitive world' is most important. However, at the same time survival of your marriage is also important. A balance needs to be established between these two lives every person lives. Mobile and other media may lead to the lack of communication which may eventually lead to a tense relationship. It is observed that these forms of media are the reasons for suspicions, mistrust and sometimes infidelity which only leaves devastation in its wake. To avoid this, try to remove time for your partner, as it will not only make the other person feel loved but also build trust.

 Small, simple and yet significant choices can become the reasons for your happy married life. So why not make the right decisions.


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