How does traditional marriage differ from Modern marriage

Let’s see how traditional marriage differs from Modern marriage.

Marriage is the beginning—the beginning of the family—and is a life-long commitment.

Marriage is a celebration where two families get united rather two people. Modern marriages are so colorful, fun and exciting. Let’s see how traditional marriage differs from Modern marriage.

I have seen several marriages of my relatives, friends, and neighbors for the past few years.  There are a number of traditions that are followed during wedding in the past and also in the present.  A question always arise in my mind “Why these traditions and customs are followed in marriage?”….Then one day, I got an answer for this….”These traditions help two families to come closer, know about each other and to share love and respect among themselves”.

Earlier they gave importance only to the traditions but nowadays along with tradition they try to include some fun time also. Recently I attended my cousin marriage, we don’t have a practice of keeping ‘Mehandi’ function and ‘Dhool’ but they have included it. We all enjoyed a lot as it is something new for us. Some practices are adapted from other parts of the countries but why not enjoy them if it is so fun.

Dressing style also changed from a ‘silk saree’ to a beautiful lehanga with suitable trendy hair style and jewellery.

Modern marriages are power packed with pre-wedding shoot, candit shots, drone camera and more. Modern marriage also comes with a theme dressing where bride and bridegroom family members wear same theme dress. I see people enjoying the marriage with “Mix and match” concept… Thanks to the growing technology that help to remember those wonderful moments, life long, which will happen only once in life time.

Indians spend more money on marriage celebration than any people in other countries. Either it’s traditional marriage or modern marriage, we give more importance to husband and wife relationship and that’s where we stand out from other countries.


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